Ajax. The new generation of wireless security systems. Motion detector, glass break detector, flood detector, smoke detector, home automation.


AJAX — innovative alarm and smart home system now in Estonia

Super-reliable protection and user-friendly electronic control of your home or office

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A new generation of wireless security systems

The Ajax StarterKit has everything you need to protect your premises. Sensitive detectors monitor the motion inside, while a powerful hub connects them to the outside world.

A wide range of security products
are available to integrate into the Ajax ecosystem, enhancing the protection
of the Ajax StarterKit.

A complex system that’s easily controlled

Ajax is the security system of the era where computers are already smarter than people, but we still have full power over them.

With a couple clicks in your mobile or web application you can arm or disarm the Ajax security system, add a new detector,
and program or customize its sensitivity.

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Jeweller module — increases the working distance up to 2,000 meters of open space or several floors of the business center

Ultrathin power unit — makes Ajax Hub an elegant designer object no thicker than 4 cm

ARM processor — provides more power needed for critically important tasks

Real time OS — guarantees instant delivery of alarms and running of commands, protection from viruses and intrusion

Ethernet module — ensures delivery of alarms

GSM module — provides a backup link to the server in case the Internet goes down

A harmony of
high-end components and technology

Ajax is the result of an era when computers are getting more complex, but usability is improving even faster.

Created a security system that can be easily customized, armed/disarmed and monitored with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Jeweller Up to 2,000 m Jeweller 7 years
Z-wave 5 gen Up to 150 m Z-wave 5 gen 2 years
ZigBee Up to 100 m ZigBee 2 years
Bluetooth Up to 100 m Bluetooth 1 year
WI-FI Up to 100 m WI-FI Powered only through wires

Jeweller — a powerful and reliable connection between devices

Our wireless radio communication technology was invented from scratch to be as reliable as a wired connection. Jeweller℗ connects all detectors and devices up to 2,000 meters away to the hub and pings at intervals starting from 12 seconds to monitor the state of your system.

The signal is protected using “rolling code” encryption and authentication. If it is jammed, Ajax will change the frequency and notify you. Even in cases of a network failure, the system will keep you updated using its DeliverAnyway algorithm.

Protection against intruders and failures

  • Blackouts A battery backup allows the system to continue working, no matter what

  • Router or Internet Failure A backup GSM signal will notify
    you in case of a network failure

  • Detector Failure Frequent pinging ensures you’ll know as soon as any device stops responding

  • Intrusion FirstStepDetection technology instantly notifies you of any intruder

  • Jammed Radio Channel In case of channel failure, detectors will choose an unaffected frequency

  • Connectivity Issues with the Server You will be notified instantly
    of any connectivity issues

  • Hacking Attempts All data is heavily encrypted,
    so it always remains safe

  • Physically Damaged Detectors The tamper-proof sensors will activate in case of physical damage

Reliable protection from false alarms

In theory, security systems have a simple job — stop intruders. However, in the real world, there are drafts, noise, radio frequency interference, and, of course, pets with minds of their own. That is why Ajax technologies are fine-tuned to account for everyday life and prevent false alarms.

SmartDetect technology detects alarms based on images, filtering thermal noise from drafts and air conditioners. The FresnelTech optical component, made from POLY IR4® material and an Excelitas® pirosensor, eliminates false alarms due to glare and electromagnetic interference.

Ajax MotionProtect

Two-factor detection of broken glass prevents false alarms from music, television or transportation noises.

Ajax GlassProtect

Digital analysis records temperature and filters false alarms from dust and glare using reliable cameras and Еxcelitas® optical components.

Ajax FireProtect

Ajax technologies help to avoid false alarms due to complex interference from thermal radiation combined with curtain movement, trembling blinds, air conditioning or a strong sun glare. The detectors work simultaneously with air conditioners, in warehouses and in rooms with fireplaces — all without a hitch.

Ajax MotionProtect Plus

Powerful magnets help Ajax DoorProtect avoid interference even when the detectors are installed on large gates, and reliable reed switches from Comus® ensure no failure or false alarms.

Ajax DoorProtect
Kbits Per Seconds
0,5 kbit/s

Always Connected

For reliable security you need a reliable connection. But high-speed internet can be scarce in some places. That’s why Ajax was designed to guarantee security of any premise and allow for control of the system in even the most remote locations with very poor connections.

IoT protocol is very compact and works
at a GPRS speed of just 0.5 kbit/sec.

  • Apartment, 2 people 0.0 Battery
    life, years
  • House, a family of 5 0.0 Battery
    life, years
  • Busy office, 10 people 0.0 Battery
    life, years

Up to 7 years of battery life

Ajax was developed with energy efficiency in mind, since changing batteries can require tedious effort and is often overlooked.

To avoid compromised security, developers selected a circuit design, software and components that allow you to forget about battery life.

Professional-level installation in 15 minutes

Ajax detectors are ready to install out of the box.
Step-by-step interactive tutorials make installation and customization as easy as possible.

SmartPlacement technology will choose the perfect spot to place the detectors, and SmartBracket mounts allow for a professional-quality installation in minutes.

to a security firm in a single click

As soon as you launch Ajax, it will start sending notifications to your device about the status of your home and the system itself.

If you don’t want to monitor the notifications yourself, leave the job to a security company. You can request professional monitoring with a single tap.

A security team collective

You can allow your family, friends or neighbors to help monitor your security system by giving them access to the Ajax Hub.

All subscribers will receive notifications, allowing the someone nearby to come to the rescue.


Glass break detector
was triggered.


I received Ajax notification.

Are you ok?


I am near, I can check it out.

I’ll call you if anything is wrong.

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